Crazy 88 - An international APK gang inside CoA

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Crazy 88 - An international APK gang inside CoA

Post  Eternauta on Tue 11 Sep - 13:23

Crazy 88 (or simply C88) is one of the factions inside the Children of Atom alliance. We have defined our group as an international APK gang and also we are a faction with a strong PvP/TC inclination.

Nationality is not a problem when recruiting new people, because the gang is not tied to any nation, country, or language, although we do expect our members to have good English skills to allow better communication. We accept players from any part of the world, and even consider this something to be proud of.

The Rules of the Omegram describe how Crazy 88 members are supposed to behave:
  • Do not retreat from battles leaving your teammates behind. It's not really a matter of "bravery" but simple mathematics. If you die, we will help you to stand on your feet. But if you flee - you will be useless.
  • If somebody is asking you to help, do it. Being friendly is actually the best way to make friends.
    Also you should NOT kill other players without a good reason. PKs will be banished at once.
  • If you take gear from the faction's storage, then you should leave something in exchange. Craft some stuff, bring some loot. Parasites will be punished.
  • Visit clan's forum or IRC channel often. You don't have to play everyday, but you really should keep in contact. We like to know, how our members are doing.
    Also learn how to use Mumble voice communicator if you want to take part in Town Control. It's not necessary, but make thing much easier.
    One more thing: the faction's friends are your friends. You should know them and respect them.
  • Be polite to all faction members. Yes, we represent many cultures, nationalities, ideologies, etc., but we're the same damn team! So if you can't respect opinions of others - then shut up!
    Also keep in mind that FOnline: 2238 is only a game. Do NOT EVER take it more serious than your real-life, health, girlfriend, school, job, kids, beer etc.

When we call ourselves an APK gang we are saying that:
  • we will shoot our enemies on sight
  • we will shoot known PKs on sight
  • we will shoot known suicide bombers and 1 hex bursters on sight
  • we will shoot known thieves and grievers on sight
  • we don't shoot strangers on sight. However when they shoot at us, we will shoot back

No human is perfect so everyone can make a mistake sometimes. C88 members can accidentally kill an innocent player and if that happens, he or she should be able to admit a mistake has taken place, and try to compensate. However, C88 members have no reason to endure any kind of trolling or whining against them.

What do we offer?
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • The opportunity to meet new people from other countries
  • Access to base(s)
  • TC, PvP, training
  • Group hunts, help with leveling and other in-game help
  • Help with character builds

What do we require?
  • Being able to communicate in English. Both in speech and writing. We don't expect perfection, just as long as you can make yourself understood.
  • Respecting the rules introduced in the movie and the Rules of the Omegram
  • Being active in-game, on our IRC channel #Crazy88 and on our forum - (IRC clients)
  • Having Mumble installed
  • Mature behaviour. No insulting, name calling, grieving, flaming, trolling, etc. in-game, on the official forum, IRC and our forum. Always keep in mind that your behaviour reflects on the rest of the gang!

Contacting C88
Our forum: or
Our IRC channel:, #Crazy88 or just click here.

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