Changelog 10/10/2012

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Changelog 10/10/2012

Post  Sishare on Wed 10 Oct - 18:48

- Hit chance displayed in client is correct when using aiming keybinds.
- Aiming with key binds with unarmed attacks is possible.
- You can't go to worldmap in a car without fuel anymore.
- Brahmin should not escape the pens anymore.
- Hopefully fixed all issues with screen getting stuck outside map borders in existing maps.
- Fixed missing tiles in encounter maps with rivers/lakes.
- Fixed many small dialog and map bugs (typos, missing scenery blockers, etc).

- Added map preview in the Gecko mine.

- Marshal in Gunrunners gives a bonus to Small Guns skill if the player character has Small Guns, Big Guns and Energy Weapons <= 65% (now all level 1 characters should be eligible for the training).
- Lock pickers don't go to the world map automatically after successfully picking the lock of a car.
- New formula of knockdown Strength roll for heavy handers. By default roll is done with -5 malus to strength. With brass knuckles: -4; spiked knuckled: -3; Power Fist: -1; with Mega Power Fist there is no malus.
- To detonate plastic explosives with toggle switch, player character must be in the same map and within range of 40 hexes from the explosives.
- 72% sneak penalty when carrying activated explosives.
- Armor Class capped at 140.

- Run the updater to obtain the new files.


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Re: Changelog 10/10/2012

Post  Crazy on Thu 11 Oct - 16:19

Too late.

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